This course examines customer relationship management (CRM) and its application in marketing, sales, and service. Effective CRM strategies help companies align business processes with customer-centric strategies using people, technology, and knowledge. Companies strive to use CRM to optimize the identification, acquisition, growth, and retention of desired customers to gain competitive advantage and maximize profit. Anyone interested in working with customers and CRM technology and would like to be responsible for the development of any major aspect of CRM will find this course beneficial.


On successful completion of this course, students will be awarded certificates of course completion by ExcellentBridge IT Institute. They will also be ready to get international certification in Customer Relationship Management.


  • Over 12 lectures and 48 hours of content!
  • The students would be able to identify the benefits of value creation for the customers.
  • Gain an understanding of key concepts , technologies and best practices of CRM
  • Be able to measure the customer equity and the importance of customer retention to the organization
  • Be able to analyze the different processes and design the strategic framework for CRM integration in the existing functions of the organizations.
  • Course content designed by considering current software technology and the job market.
  • Would be able to create a loyalty model for retention of the customers through increased interactions with customers.
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Course Features

  • Duration : 3 week
  • Max Students : 1000
  • Enrolled : 36
  • Assessments : Self
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