InvexERP Supply Chain Management – Associate

The Supply Chain Management Certified Application Associate course provides a comprehensive overview of key concepts, strategies, and tools essential for effective management of supply chains in today’s dynamic business environment. Here’s a general outline of what such a course might cover:

Learning objectives
In this course, you will learn:
  • Design and process efficient and responsive supply chain network tailored to organizational goals.
  • Techniques for demand forecasting, inventory planning, and production scheduling.
  • Develop effective strategies for managing relationships with suppliers.
  • Supply performance evaluation, contract negotiation, and collaboration.
  • Principles of inventory management, including ABC analysis, just-in-time (JIT) inventory systems, and RFID and barcode systems.
  • Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics for apt decision making.
    Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • Lesson 1: Supply chain management in business operations.

    Supply Chain Strategy and Design
  • Lesson 1: Supply chain strategies (e.g., lean, agile, hybrid).
  • Lesson 2: Supply chain network design
  • Lesson 3: Strategic sourcing and procurement

    Demand Planning and Forecasting
  • Lesson 1: Demand forecasting techniques.
  • Lesson 2: Sales and operations planning (S&OP)
  • Lesson 3: Collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment (CPFR)

    Inventory Management
  • Lesson 1: Inventory optimization techniques.
  • Lesson 2: Inventory control models (e.g., EOQ, safety stock)
  • Lesson 3: ABC analysis and inventory classification

    Logistics and Transportation Management
  • Lesson 1: Warehouse management.
  • Lesson 2: Transportation modes and selection
  • Lesson 3: Freight management and optimization

    Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
  • Lesson 1: Supplier selection and evaluation.
  • Lesson 2: Supplier performance management
  • Lesson 3: Contract management and negotiation

    Production Planning and Scheduling
  • Lesson 1: Master production scheduling (MPS).
  • Lesson 2: Material requirements planning (MRP)
  • Lesson 3: Capacity planning and management

    Quality Management in Supply Chain
  • Lesson 1: Total quality management (TQM).
  • Lesson 2: Six Sigma principles and methodologies
  • Lesson 3: Continuous improvement techniques

    Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Lesson 1: Identification and assessment of supply chain risks.
  • Lesson 2: Risk mitigation strategies
  • Lesson 3: Business continuity planning

    Sustainability and Ethical Practices
  • Lesson 1: Sustainable supply chain practices.
  • Lesson 2: Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Lesson 3: Ethical sourcing and fair labor practices

    Information Systems in Supply Chain
  • Lesson 1: Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.
  • Lesson 2: Supply chain management (SCM) software
  • Lesson 3: Integration of information systems across the supply chain

    Case Studies and Practical Applications
  • Lesson 1: Analysis of real-world supply chain scenarios.
  • Lesson 2: Application of concepts and techniques to solve supply chain problems
  • Lesson 3: Group projects and presentations

    Certification Exam Preparation
  • Lesson 1: Review of key concepts covered in the course.
  • Lesson 2: Practice exams and quizzes.
  • Lesson 3: Exam-taking strategies and tips.
  • Conclusion
  • Exam

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      InvexERP-ExcellentBridge Certified Experts

  This course includes:

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     Duration:  8 Weeks

      Skill Level:   Intermediate

      Language:   English

     Units:   12

     Price:   ₦200,000

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InvexERP Supply Chain Management – ExcellentBridge Certified Application Associate

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InvexERP Certification Preparatory Group

Join our ExcellentBridge Certification preparatory Group to collaborate with other learners and establish your learning journey.

InvexERP Certification Preparatory Group

Join our ExcellentBridge Certification preparatory Group to collaborate with other learners and establish your learning journey.